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Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm EST
with the strategic goals and electives. we did note that the jet propulsion lab is a structure. there are folks they're engaged in many aspects of research and development and operations. different centers have a different mix in terms of contractors and civil servants. there were about four of them. they were about. about three of them were quite high. there is one of higher than contractors. it was more about the flexibility of doing what the center would be expected to accomplish. >> happen only assure that nasa's facilities are not acquired by foreign interests that may be harmful to our national interest? >> that was not addressed in our study. >> you testified in your written statements that nasa's infrastructure flexibility and to dispose of property would this be included in foreign countries ta? >> i do not recall that we specify in our deliberations the nature of the potential facility. a great facility. some of nasa's missions need that. it also has the capacity for other work. issa have looked at doing some of the work in that facility. they were also discussing the facts -- t ofhe space
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
will begin to define the president's second term. he was elected to lead. >> we also got an update from oulaurie mcginley this morning. >> what kind of a deal did the president offered? what is new on the negotiations among and between the centers in the white house backs -- senators in the white house what is new is the the have seemed to finally agreed they're going to move forward with something. there is no purity that the republican leaders and democratic leader will in fact be able to put together an agreement. the release now saying they are trying to work together and aiming towards a vote. either sunday or monday. i do not believe anyone has been briefed. the residents lack of information among the people were actually good to have to vote -- there is an absolute lack of information among the people who are actually going to have to vote. senators are here, but not in session today. the leaders wanted a day of peace to pull this together. people are going to start to get briefed tomorrow afternoon. >> both majority leader harry reid and minority leader mcconnell expressed optim
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2